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About Us

Dhana Teknolojia is a tech solutions provider based in Nairobi, Kenya, founded on 12th October 2019 to become a leading software and tech solutions, innovator.

Our Mission

To build tech solutions based on end-user requirements, business needs, and opportunities enabled by recent and secure technologies.

Our Vision

To become a leading software and tech solutions, provider.

Our Services

We build efficient solutions based on end user requirements, business needs, and opportunities; enabled by recent and secure technologies.

  • Digital Marketing

    Leverage the power of digital marketing to communicate your brand, product, service, or message to a global audience. More Info

  • Website development

    At Dhana Teknolojia we develop websites that meet the objectives of different departments in your organization. i.e. marketing, sales, customer support, operations,  HR, IT, c-suite. More info

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Google and other search engines are the major drivers of online traffic; thus we optimize our websites to match commonly searched keywords that relate to your products or services. More Info

  • Online Payment Solutions

    Integrate your online platform with popular payment gateways for web and software solutions to enable effective and consistent processing of online payments.

  • Mobile App Development

    Start building your mobile application for multiple platforms, including Android, IOS and enable your customers and partners to access services via mobile.

  • Web/ Desktop App Development

    We develop custom web or desktop software products based on end user requirements and business logic, in an effort to build effective solutions to business specific problems and opportunities.

Professional HR MIS

The Professional HR management information system aids in the administrative, strategic, and managerial duties of the HR department in an organization with a low or high number of employees.

Our Portfolio

Our recent and past projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the contact page to send us a short description of your business needs, requirements or opportunities. We will then arrange for an online meeting to discuss possible solutions.

We accept multiple payment options; M-Pesa, VISA, Bank Transfer.

This is a percentage of your initial development cost paid annually to enable us  to service resources required for smooth running of business solutions over time.

We offer free trials and demonstrations for our services before entering to any contract with clients so as to minimize disputes. We accept refunds within one month of service procurement, a refund fee will be charged to cater for any resources spent.

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Office Location

Nairobi, Kenya

Phone Number

0758 249135
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Mon – Saturday 08:00AM to 05:00PM